Dear Sir/Madam

This is Daito, an immigration attorney major in Japanese visa applications.

Today I would like to write about job hunting visa.

If you are student ,who graduate from university in Japan and hope to keep on doing job hunting
in Japan, it is necessary for you to apply for change of visa status from student visa to job hunting visa.
*Job hunting visa period permitted will basically be 6 months and extension will be permitted only once.

If you would like to keep on engaging in part-time job during job hunting period, you need to apply for
part-time job permit at the same time.

For this application, the important thing is, you need to ask the university to issue letter proving the
university permits your engaging in part time job.
Without this document you application for part-time job permit will not be permitted.

It is very hot these days.
So,please take care of yourself!

I wish you all enjoy you life in Japan.

*If you have question, please feel free to contact us.

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