This is Daito, a registered immigration attorney major in Japanese visa and legal procedures in Japan.

Today I will write about categories of 〝Highly Skilled Professional number 1〝visa.
This visa consists of 3 categories depending on activities visa applicants are going to engage in Japan.
These categories are named, 〝I〝,〝Ro〝〝Ha〝, like A,B,C in English.

For foreigners who are going to engage in research or teaching in universities, engage in research in laboratory.
Equal to professor visa and researcher visa.

For foreigners who are going to work in corporation in Japan as employees.
For example, marketing staff,sales staff,SE,etc.
Equal to engineer visa,specialist in humanities/international service visa,intra-company transferee visa.

For foreigners who are going to set up corporations in Japan or going to work as directors in corporations in Japan.
Equal to investor/business manager visa.

As you may understand, this 〝Highly Skilled Professional number 1〝visa covers most of major working visas.

As the last of this topic, I will inform you of requirements for 〝Highly Skilled Professional number 1〝visa,I,Ro and Ha tomorrow.

They are very clear.

Please have a nice day!

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