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I hope you become interested in 〝Highly Skilled Professional visa〝.
Today I will write 2 positive points of 〝Highly Skilled Professional visa〝.

Chance to obtain permanent visa earlier
At earliest 3 years after you obtain〝Highly Skilled Professional visa number 1〝,you can apply for change of visa status to 〝Highly Skilled Professional visa number 2.〝
Visa period of 〝Highly Skilled Professional visa number 2〝 is permanent.

Application requirements are clear.
〝Highly Skilled Professional visa〝 is based on points adding system.
Your age,academic degree, remuneration, business career, skills will be converted into points and you can easily find out conversion rates from 〝Points sheet.〝
If you are interested in, please check 〝Points sheet〝disclosed by Ministry of Justice.
If you reach 70 points and can prove that by documents, you can obtain this beneficial visa.

There are three types of 〝Highly Skilled Professional visa number 1〝 depending on your expected activities in Japan.

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