This is Daito, a registered immigration attorney major in Japanese visa and legal procedures in Japan.

Today I would like to write about part time job permit.
As you may know, activities foreigners can engage in Japan are limited by working visa categories.
If you are a student with student visa or spouse or child of foreigner who has working visa, student visa, you can work within 28 hours per week by obtaining part time job permit.

Meanwhile, if you have working visa, this permit will be necessary when you are going to engage in activities granted by your working visa.
For example, if you are a researcher with researcher visa working for institute and going to teach English at English school on holidays, you nee to obtain part time job permit.
In this case, you can engage in part time job more than 28 hours per week.

When you can’t find out whether you need to obtain part time job or not, please contact immigration bureau or immigration attorney like us just in case.

Please have a nice weekend!

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